Current Progress

I saw someone was still following this only a few days ago.

I still had this chapter so I thought I should post. I was actually kind of happy to know that there was at least one person still looking at this.


To those who ask if I am dead.

No. Almost though. I crashed my motorcycle and injured my right wrist. I sprained my wrist but its not broken. Life lesson, riding a motorcycle is cool. Wear a helmet and avoid head trauma like I did.

…aaaaand now I don’t have internet. Expect slight delays.

Delays Delays Delays

Sorry guys. At first there were some issues with the editor then I went into finals so we had a long break. Back to normal though.

New chapter delay

Sorry on the wait for the new chapter guys. It’s already translated waiting on edits to post.

To whom it may concern.

Hey guys. I am Dark. I had a cold so I didn’t post a chapter last week. Think of it as a silver lining but this week the chapter is almost twice as long as the previous ones.