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Hot diggity damn!

The next chapter is so damn long. Easily longest chapter so far. Probably the longest chapter in the book.

I saw someone was still following this only a few days ago.

I still had this chapter so I thought I should post. I was actually kind of happy to know that there was at least one person still looking at this.


To those who ask if I am dead.

No. Almost though. I crashed my motorcycle and injured my right wrist. I sprained my wrist but its not broken. Life lesson, riding a motorcycle is cool. Wear a helmet and avoid head trauma like I did.

…aaaaand now I don’t have internet. Expect slight delays.

Delays Delays Delays

Sorry guys. At first there were some issues with the editor then I went into finals so we had a long break. Back to normal though.

New chapter delay

Sorry on the wait for the new chapter guys. It’s already translated waiting on edits to post.